The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo program is officially closed

The last 1 600 copies Lancer Evo Final Edition will be sold in the US market. The program has played a huge role in the history of the company. It helped make the bestseller base model Lancer, which sold millions of copies. Virtually all buyers Lancer realized that their cars falls reflection of victories on rally tracks scored by Tomi Mäkinen, Alister McRae and Richard Burns.

The first Lancer Evolution were established in 1991 to participate in the Championship WRC. All 10 generations of Lancer Evolution represented homologated cars from Group A, slightly modified to compete with the car class WRC. In addition to the sporting prizes, the car won many automotive awards, including "Best aggressive sport sedan" (2006), "Sport Car of the Year" (2008), "Best performance car worth up to $50 000" (2009) and many others.

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