The Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer based in Hiroshima. The name of all new and used cars Mazda stems from Ahura Mazda (altiranisch: the Lord of Wisdom), the Zoroastrian god, creator of humanity, nature and the other gods. Also, the name Mazda sounds similar to the Japanese slang like that of Jujiro Matsuda, of the Toyo Cork Kogyo-Group calls into being in 1920 in Hiroshima, from the later of the carmaker Mazda apparent. Today's Mazda Motor Corporation is dedicated to the beginning, still under the name Toyo Cork Kogyo Ltd., the finishing of cork, new and used cars Mazda not yet belong to the portfolio. Eight years later the company begins to produce the first machine components, from 1930 then motorcycles, and in 1931 the company constructed its first three-wheeled utility vehicle, the Mazdago which is as Mazda used very successfully. After registering as a trademark in 1934 Mazda begins producing less achträdriger trucks. The first car of the Japanese company will appear in 1960 with the R360 Coupe, the year after the first pickup comes on the market. At the same time includes Mazda into a license agreement with the German company NSU for use and development of rotary engines from. A little later, the first four-door model, the Carol, presented. 1963 one million vehicles have already been produced.

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