Alfa Romeo GT

The two-seater sports coupe Opel GT from the 60s / 70s is now considered classics and is a popular classic cars, as well as the Porsche 912 or the Mercedes-Benz /. 8 Although the Gran Turismo, which was produced on the basis of the American Chevrolet Corvette, was only built from 1968 to 1973, managed the design engineers more than 100,000 pieces of vehicle manufacture. Characteristic of the Coupé are - in addition to his waist -shaped body ( Coke -bottle shape ) - the side wegdrehenden folding headlights, also called " sleep eyes " called. At the beginning there were two versions of the vehicle: the Opel GT 1100 and the Opel GT 1900. The 1.1 - liter four-cylinder engine in the GT 1100 reached with its 60 hp top speed of 155 km / h while the 90 PS starke1.9- liter engine of the GT in 1900 managed to 185 km / h. 1970 Opel GT 1100 was replaced by the Opel GT / J.The GT / J had the engine of the Opel GT in 1900 but could be offered at a significantly lower price due to the slimmer equipment. All Opel GT models were fitted as standard with rear-wheel drive and a four-speed transmission. The models GT 1900 GT / J were also optionally available with a three-speed automatic. The Opel GT is an age of over 30 years, officially an oldtimer and may be driven with an H-plate. From 2007 to 2009, a sports car with the nickname GT was built by Opel, which should be connected to the classics: the Opel GT Roadster. However, the sports car was unable to reach sales success, so that the production was stopped in the summer of 2009.

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