Volkswagen Tiguan

With the VW Tiguan presented the Wolfsburg carmaker an SUV or SUV, which is priced settled under the big brother Tuareg and enjoyed already in the first generation of a large popularity. The VW Tiguan utilizes to a large extent from the modular system of the VW Golf and combines the compactness of a city car with off-road capability of an SUV. So you sit in the VW Tiguan, similar to the Ford Kuga or Skoda Yeti beyond to other road users, but also gets the closest big city jungle still a parking lot. For motors the buyer of a VW Tiguan the 2nd generation are still the TSI gasoline with 1.4 TSI with 122 or 140 hp and the 2.0 TSI engine capacity of 180 or 211 available. In parallel, a 2.0-liter TDI in three power levels are available for the VW Tiguan, which is offered with 110, 140 and 177 hp.The all-wheel drive has a population of at least the more powerful engines as standard, while the dual-clutch transmission has to be ordered always. Of course forgets VW next to the environmental protection and not the safety of passengers. A stiff passenger cell in conjunction with six airbags ensures the VW Tiguan SUV for maximum security. So the Volkswagen Tiguan also reached the perfect score of five points in Euro NCAP crash test. The facelift in 2011 included the optics, so that the front adapted to the VW Polo and the VW Golf VI, to take up the current VW design and emboss a consistent brand image. Search for your VW SUVs, such as a VW Tiguan used car at our website.

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