Ford Focus RS 2016

After four years of nonappearance, the Ford Focus RS returned for 2016 as it was firstly showcased at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, gloating with the same fun consider however with included practicality.The 2016 Ford Focus RS is the first creation one offered in a 5-door setup. To separate it from the standard model, you'll just need to take a gander at the ultra-forceful front end, with wide air vents and squinty headlights, and in addition the low suspension and enormous rims.Stepping inside you get an updated Focus control design, SYNC integration, 8-inch infotainment framework, level base steering wheel, sports seats and other unique amenities.Technically, the 2016 Focus RS will inspire you with its exceptionally tuned suspension, exhaust, selectable driving modes, 320 hp EcoBoost motor and all-wheel-drive framework. Simply the right auto for a family fellow who likes to hit the track in weekends.


Convenient of front and rear seats, dashboard, trunk volume


Overall reliability of auto, maintenance price


Driving performance, speed, acceleration, offroad ability, road grip


Outer and inner view