Chevrolet Volt

In times of scarce resources of the Chevrolet Volt is designed and built for the future alternative around the subject automobile. The symbiosis of electric motor and a gasoline -powered by generator, according to General Motors with the Chevrolet Volt quite a range can be covered from 800 km away. During the trip, the Chevrolet Volt, powered unlike the hybrids Toyota Prius or Honda Insight, exclusively by electricity, its range without the use of the gasoline engine is 60 km away. The small gasoline engine makes the Chevrolet Volt solely for charging the batteries and to consume only 1.6 liters of fuel in the mix. Refuelling on socket is also possible. In the future, the generator should be able to be operated by bio / or hydrogen.Inside the Chevrolet Volt are four passengers ( including the driver ) Place and see the trimmed on aerodynamic body sufficient space. Produce the Chevrolet Volt inspired other manufacturers to due to its launch in 2010 competitive models such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the Smart and the VW Lupo with electric drive. Even sports cars like the Tesla rely on this technology and even the precious forged from Ferrari is working on an electric version. Parallel with the Chevrolet Volt, 2010 comes as the European counterpart Opel Ampera on the market. Electric cars like the Chevrolet Volt or hybrid vehicles can be found at our website in large numbers as a used vehicle or new cars on current online prices.

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