Toyota resumed production on previously idled plants

Japan Automobile company stopped the 8 February 2016 due to lack of steel. Toyota Motors restored full work process on sixteen of its plants in Japan. Now the world's largest automotive company have to accelerate: for downtime 8 to 15 February of this year, the company had to create 70 000-80 000 cars.

Earlier was reported that Toyota's plants in Japan were idled in the beginning of last week due to lack of special steels for some parts and assemblies. The situation has arisen due to the explosion at the plant in Aichi prefecture, which seriously injured one of the production lines. At the moment, it is reported that the repairs will be completed by March, and now the automaker temporarily use the products from other suppliers.

The work of all the company's Japanese plants was stopped for the first time since 2011. Then their own production chain have been violated because of the massive earthquake and tsunami. The current explosion at Aichi Steel did not affect the activity of production sites in other countries.

At the end of 2015 Toyota has become the world leader in sales of cars. The second place owned by Volkswagen, 3rd is General Motors. This year the company plans to produce about 10.2 million vehicles worldwide, approximately 4 000 000 of them to be produced in Japan.

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