Ford has patented wheel-transformer

The manufacturer has claimed intellectual property on the motor-wheel, which can be removed from the vehicle and turn into an electric monocycle. The plans of the serial embodiment of the invention is not known.

The idea of the motor-wheel, of course, is not new: combine into a single site battery, electric motor and gyroscope guessed by many, but to make it part of some larger transport system experts decided it was Ford.

It is assumed that the owner of a vehicle with the motor-wheels, before reaching the parking lot, is disconnected from the suspension one of them would get from the trunk of a special consignment frame with a seat and the steering wheel, attach it to the motor-wheels, toss steps and go to the final destination located in, say, the close urban environment or in a large building like a shopping mall, where you can enter in a conventional wheelchair.

The procedure of installation and dismantling of the motor-wheel vehicle, which unmistakably Ford Focus current generation described in the document. No information about possible mass production of embedded transport module, Ford has not yet reported.

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