Does Tesla Model S really drive itself?

With a new software upgrade, the Model S becomes self-driving.

What’s Tesla Motors up to now?

This is for sure a new era of autonomous cars. Well, the very beginning of it. If you have a last year’s Tesla Model S, now you can try the Beta version of its Autopilot software.

Can it really drive on its own?

The answer is Yes, though the system is somewhat underdeveloped by now, being an extension of a radar cruise control system which, by the way, has long been used in luxury cars. All this and also self-parking, a new instrument display and several ventilation system upgrades can be found in the latest Tesla software version.

On the self-driving

The whole system works as follows: you set the desired speed by toggling the cruise control lever and then pull it, which activates ‘Autosteer’. Numerous cameras and sensors help the car to stick to the road as you just sit back in your Seat.

Watching series and chatting then?

Not really. It is obligatory for you to stay in the driver’s seat and keep both eyes open, for the legislation is not in place yet, which means you can’t put the blame on the car if anything goes wrong. You must be aware that any time you may need to change to manual control.


It’s not all that bad as it may seem, though. During the test-drive the car was driving autonomously for as much as 15 minutes along the M4, which means that quite a tiresome journey can become much more comfortable with a tech like this.

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