Apple registered the "road" names

Apple once again reminded of itself as a company that wants to start producing cars or, at least, to enter into the world of the automobile industry as the creator of the software. Apple registered the "road" domain names, and What they demanded the company is not yet known. However, CEO of Apple Tim Cook warned before about global changes that the automotive world should expect in the coming years. What kind of? Apple engineers remain silent.

"I believe that the industry is in a transition point to the enormous changes, not just evolutionary changes." - Tim Cook, Apple CEO

In addition, the earlier edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources reported that Apple will introduce its first car in 2019. According to the publication, it comes to an electric vehicle codenamed Titan. Moreover, it is not necessary that Apple will launch a production car in four years - more likely is that we will first see the presentation of a concept that demonstrates design. The finished product will be on sale next year.

However, Apple looks quite serious. The company conducted a research of the profitability of the production of the vehicle and in results tripled the staff engaged in the creation of the electric vehicle. Furthermore, a manufacturer of mobile gadgets actively attracts leading engineers with experience in the automotive field. For example, the company has hired Jamie Carlson - a former senior engineer at Tesla. Six high-level specialists, whose names are not known, previously involved in the development of unmanned vehicles, and now will also work for Apple.

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