Chevrolet Astro

The Chevrolet Astro Van is a large-scale, which has been produced during the period from 1995 to 2005 as a new car. The electricity produced in the US Van was also sold without side and rear windows as vans and could achieve good sales in competition with the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager. Under the label of the GMC van was nearly identical sold as GMC Safari. During the production phase of the Chevrolet Astro used car 2.Generationen were manufactured. In the first, since 1985, was built in 1994 phase, the Chevrolet Astro comprised 8 seats and could be equipped as a new car with three gasoline engines: In addition to the basic engine, a four-cylinder 2.5 - liter displacement and 98 hp and a V6 petrol engine rated 4.3 - liter displacement installed in the Chevrolet Astro, who mustered either 165 or 200 hp of power. From the year 1995 was 2.Presented Generation of Van, which was produced until 2005 in the same form and contained only the 4.3 - liter engine with 165 hp slimmed. At the present time a Chevrolet Astro Used counts among connoisseurs of the classics and gained a lot of popularity.

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